Brass Belt Loop Key Hook
Brass Belt Loop Key Hook

Brass Belt Loop Key Hook

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  • A solid Brass belt loop hook for keys or wallet chain. 
  • Comes with a brass flat split ring.
  • Cast in NYC
  • Entirely designed and handcrafted by Finely Wrought.   
  • Slips easily on and off the belt loop, but designed to stay securely in place.
  • Sturdy and strong with flair of simple elegance, made to fit comfortably in the hand.   
  • Most key hooks have a side-facing hole, which causes the key ring to protrude to the sides when in place. This hook is designed with a key ring hole from front to back, so the key ring lays flat and keys on the ring stack unobtrusively, not to the sides which becomes bulky and annoying.
  • Stamped and finished by hand in Brooklyn, NY.