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Hand Carved & Crafted - For Life.
Finely Wrought exists solely to make ruggedly crafted products by hand for a lifetime of use.
What makes FW distinct?
We're a single-maker leather and metal shop based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Responsibly sourced leathers produced exclusively in the USA, heritage quality vintage tools, and a time-honored process are what make our goods both reliable and infinitely unique.  By casting each metal buckle, rivet, and hook in Brass, Bronze, or Copper, no two pieces are ever the same. Our hand-finished pendants and chains are .925 Sterling Silver, cast right here in NYC. 
Each of our hand-stitched goods use hemp thread, a super tough naturally occurring fiber which we hand bees-wax in house. 
Our Belts are obsessively built, with hand cut, edged, painted, and finished burly 10-12oz Veg Tanned Wickett & Craig leather from Pennsylvania. This all combined makes for a functionally designed product that ages beautifully with time and emanates with distinction, made entirely in Brooklyn. 
Finely wrought is founded and run by Ryan Andes, craftsman and jeweler since childhood.  He is the sole maker, with help from his partner, Lindsey Mader. 
With an emphasis on sustainable relationships, environmental awareness and respect, unflinching quality, and creating a brand that supports and relies upon its community – finely wrought proudly guarantees its goods for life.
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