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I have had the privilege of making custom rings for friends and clients for more than ten years.

Every ring is made from scratch to custom specifications which include design elements, metal choice, size, width, and finish. You can also include any engraving inside the ring, including small design or specific words or numbers. What makes these rings special is the handmade quality they bear. The preference is to leave the ring slightly imperfect and allow it to show some of the subtle marks of the making process. The wearing of the ring is what will bring out it's true character, shine, and allow you to imprint your story upon it.

Here is the basic layout of the process.

1. Consult

I like to meet a client first to get a feel for who they are and what they want. Here we figure out basic design elements, sizing, and metal choice. I prefer to meet in person, but an online meeting via video chat works just as well. If we meet in person, I will bring a ring sizer. For online meeting, it's best to figure out your ring size before we talk. To find a very useable online ring sizer, click here.

2. Production

Once we've figured out the design and details, I carve the ring, and add any engraving. I send pictures of the process, and get your feedback as I go. Only when I have had final approval does the ring get cast. I usually employ a "comfort fit" with my rings, which means slightly rounding the inside edges for ease of wear.


3. Casting

The ring is molded and cast by JM Casting, a professional family run casting business in NYC with whom, over the past fifteen years, I have built a strong relationship. Because a mold is taken, your ring will always have a backup in case it gets lost. It's at this point we finalize your metal choice. The options for casting are - ​

    • Sterling Silver
    • White Gold (14-18 karat)
    • Yellow Gold (14-18 karat)
    • Rose Gold (14-18 karat)
    • Platinum
The price of ​casting is dependent on the weight of the ring being cast and the metal choice. Before casting begins, you'll be given a price estimate of the various options that are available to you.


4. Finish

Once the ring is done with casting, it's cleaned and finished. You can choose any kind of finish you like, from high polish to a matte satin. Whatever finish you choose, the ring will eventually buff itself to a dull shine over the course of time.

5. Final Fit

There is always a chance the ring size will be slightly small due to casting variations, which is why I prefer to meet in person to deliver the final product. The ring is annealed which will allow it to be sized up slightly to attain that perfect fit. If the ring is too big, it can be adjusted, but that will take some extra time.

If not possible to meet in person, I'll make sure the ring is sized exactly to your spec and send it to you. If necessary, you can send it back free of charge for a resizing.

The entirety of the process takes up to 10 days, from start to finish.

The price is variable, dependent on design, time spent, and metal choice. I ask for a $100 deposit to begin the process. An estimate of final cost is generally between $300-$500 per ring.

To book a consult, or for any further inquiries, please contact me, or email at finelywroughtnyc@gmail.com.

I look forward to creating something special and unique for you.